Just now see vio n wen target, so high...
So i decided to set my target too...

BC---80++ haih...不自量力...
MT---94++ Hmm...being so careless this time...
Geo---80++ With all d 'perbincangan'....=.=


Average: 84%

Haiz...its so difficult to reach my targets...
And even if i reach my target, my target average is still not reached...
I hopes to improve this time..
Although i dun usaha much...
They all so hardworking...
I'm so far behind them
I am juz lucky to maintain my average at 80++ at the last few exams....
I feel that vio n alex should get more better average than me...
They usaha more 100000倍 than me...T.T











我有一个坏消息告诉你们--考试到咯!不知你们念完了没..haihs..我可是念得一塌糊涂, 不敢见人哪..虽说这次我念得快多了,可要记的东西也很多,到现在才读完几科而已...真有点后悔,为什么我总是在最后一次考试才想进步,才想认真读书。回顾上几次考试,每次都在考试的前一天才读,结果考出来的成绩往往差强人意,自己看了都丢脸......这也不能怪罪别人,因为是我自己的意志力不够坚强,决定好好读书时都会失败...真希望这次考试会进步!!如果没有的话,我下次考试就不读了,因为有读和没读都差不多...我的目标是平均上84%。有点困难,但目标总是比现实好多了。让我偶尔发个白日梦也好吧....加油吧,我们都能!!



Haha..juz now so boring, so i go find my name on the internet. Then i found several things about the name'yenting'. I never realise got other ppl exactly the same name with me....Its so funny about that discovery...LOL..How about trying finding ur names?? Haha, so funny d!!


Pictures to share...^^

Pictures taken when our trip to playground...

On the see-saw~~
Ouch!Xuan...you better be careful next time...
Cool lerh...^-^


他们--Alex, Vio, Xuan, Qi, Wen, Hua
还有,昨天他问我要不要一起 tarik diri
Cannot give him a definite answer..
但我要 certificate啊...



Holidays had begun...
A perfect week to start study..T.T
but i was getting lazy.
Now, i'm going to share somethings that happen this week.

I went for a camp??for two days
it was really fun having friends all around you all the time
even sleep together
walking in the dream together...XD
But as i was one of the oldest there
we was given a job
that's looking after the younger ones
including their clothes, bags, beds, and theirselves...
And it let me knows one thing..
Never judge a person from his face!!!
The younger sisters were so noisy
that i and mona scold them every hours...
It also let learn one thing --服事人
It was quite tiring
having to shout and scream at them just for two days...
but it let you having a serius feeling about God..
And you would praise the Lord more than usual
and also learning more things about Bible, God...

This afternoon our group went to xuan house to do psk folio
actually is playing and it was fun
At about 4pm we go to the playground nearby to take photos..
And after that we play on the swings, see-saw
and make the 'experiment' of first class lever..Using see-saw
Alex=Load Wen=Effort
You should noe what happen lor...^^



Tio tagged by wen....
Now let me tell u this...

1.Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2.People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3.At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and listed their names.
4.No tags back!!!


1.I like to be with my friends everyday.
2.I dislike people who broke someones secret to other people.(but if it is not important one, never mind lar)
3.I like computer so much.
4.I loves God.
5.I like to memorise things.(but it must not berkaitan with exam)
6.I like cartoons. XD..
7.I like reading books.
8.I like to study.
9.I like music.
10.I like talking.^-^
11.I like to be friendly to everyone.
12.Actually i don't like to hit people.
13.I prefer doing homeworks at school.
14.I like to write.
15.I like to think.


Haha... that's all.
It was quite a good thing
that wen tagged me..
but i duno who to tagged now...
thxs to wen...==
Here's my victim

1. Xuan
2. Hui fang
3. Julie
4. Jie Hua

Hehe...juz 4..
My targetted victim got tagged by Wen...=.=


Funny things today...^^



The Key


Creaking pitiously, the big, dark door moved open without any voice and anyone near it. Four shadows walked out of the door, each cloak flying around because of the strong, chilly wind blowing around. At the moment the four shadows stepped out the door, a light that blinded their eyes suddenly appeared. When the light reduced, the four shadows disappeares into the dark.

'Argh...'scream Ying Qi.'Where are we?And oh..my hands were terribly painful.Its hurt.'she continues. My eyes flew open when she screamed. It was so dark that i can hardly saw anything. Suddenly i froze on seeing a spot of candlelight approaching us. When i saw it clearly, i sighed with relief because it was Jie Hua and Tommy walking towards us. 'Hey,you girls...You had been sleeping for hours. This is the entrance of Mystic World, according to what Tommy and i found. 'Mystic World? This sound familiar to me. Oh i remember that we read about it last week in my dad room. But is this real that Mystic World really existed in this world?' i said in awe. Our conversation stopped as something strange happened to Ying Qi. Her hands were now glowing in light blue and her hands seems to be healing itself. We all stared at it, even Ying Qi herself looked surprised. After the light had gone, we gathered around her, throwing her question that she couldn't answer herself.

'I only praying to have the ability to heal myself and then my hands started to glow.' said Ying Qi. 'Never mind now, let us go to explore this Mystic World. Let's hope that we meet somebody here.' said Tommy. Four of us took a candle each and went for our exploration on Mystic World. There seem to be something strange there and we all felt uneasy while walking around. After walking for about 20 minutes, we saw a big cave in front of us, and a fragrant smell aroused from the cave. As if being attracted by some force, we entered the cave. There we met an old man sitting in front a cauldron, mixing the liquid inside it. When he saw us, he did not seem at least surprise and smile at us, making the sign for us to come near him.

'Well, my dears. At last you reach here. I've been waiting for you here for a long time.' said the old man in a croaking sound. 'Er...Waiting for us? Is that mean that we came here not by accident but was planned for a long time?' I asked. 'Yes, four of you were chosen by the Mirror of Justice to fulfill a few request for Mystic World. You are given the job and each of you would be given an ability to help you.' said the old man. Then he took out four things and gave them to us. I was given a snow white ring, on the ring marked ' The Ice'. Ying Qi received a pair of earings that gave her the ability of heal and it already show its ability when it healed Ying Qi hands. Jie Hua received a sword made of pure silver. The sword can transform into a shield that can protect every people its master wanted. The sword is quite as magical as the Excalibur and is really magnificient. Tommy was given a little book and a key, which made him a very clever person after reading it and the old man told Tommy to keep the key well, not losing it and always aware of any people that might stole the key as the key was the sign of the king of Petronia and had to be given to the right king of Petronia.

'Well, you are here to fulfill the first request, to help Princess Wendy and Princess Viorina to return to their kingdom, Petronia safely and helps them to beat their enemies and helps them to find their brother, Prince Alexander to be the king of Petronia.' said the old man. Oh my gosh, that's sound unbelievable. We stared at each other in disbelief. We, the most normal people in the world, chosen to help Princess Wendy, Princess Viorina and Prince Alexander to gain their kingdom? That was quite an impossible job to us! Looking at us, the old man laughed, 'You need not to worry because i will asked my grandson, Clement to help you on your journey. You may approach dangers on your journey, so you must learn to use your ability well and helps each other to solve the dangers. If you did not fulfill the request, you would be trapped here all your lives and never return to your own homes.'

We were horrified, not returning anymore if we failed? We determined to fulfill the request as soon as possible and leave the Mystic World as soon as we can as there were no other ways to return except to fulfill the request. We rested there and asked questions about Mystic World to the grandson of the old man, Clement. He was the same age with four of us so we befriended him very fast. The next day, after packing the things that the old man gave us, we set for our journey to the castle Princess Wendy and Princess Viorina lived. Intend to let us familiar with Mystic World and not getting boring on the journey, Clement told us the history of Mystic World and about the dangers that we might met on our journey.

After walking for a whole day, we reach a stream. We were delighted and quickly put our things under a tree and went to have a drink at the stream. But when we were about to drink the water, Clement stopped us. ‘I think that this stream had some question for us before it would let us drink.’he said. We did not felt astonished as he already told us that all things in Mystic World can talk and he was right, we wait for a while and we heard the river sang in a quiver sound, ‘You are clever, young people. I’m going to ask you three question and if you can answer me, I will let you drink and let you go, but if you failed ,you would be changed into stones, you can also not answer me and leave. But you will die of thirst because the nearest river from here is 150 miles from here…Are you ready to accept my challenge?’ Then Tommy answered confidently,’Yes, we were prepared to answer your question.’
‘All right. Now the questions. Who is the king of Petronia? Who is the rightful king for Petronia? And the third, who has the ability to lead Petronia?’asked the stream. Tommy did not hesitated even a moment, he answered ‘The questions only has an answer , that’s Prince Alexander.’ ‘All right, young man, you are definitely clever and Prince Alexander would be delight to have such a clever person to help him.’ We drank and having a good rest there so that we could continue our journey at the dawn the next day.

The next day, we all waked up tiredly and continued our journey half asleep. Suddenly we heard a loud roar that scared us out of our wits. We looked around and found a monster walking towards us, we screamed loudy and started to run away. The monster chased us as we were running away, then I remember something, and shouted to Jie Hua, ‘Jie Hua, quick! Use your sword to kill the monster. If not, it soon will eat us.’ Jie Hua quickly draw out his sword and point it towards the monster When it saw the gleaming sword, it stopped but continued to roar at us, making us to shudder in fright. Jie Hua slashed the sword at it and its head were sliced from its body just like a jelly. What scared us the most was that the head talked to us after his head being sliced. It said:’I am proud died of a brave man but by the silly man of King Galiano. Prince Alexander would like you to help him gained back his kingdom. After that, it died and Clement suggested to bury it because Mystic World had a rule: Every winner must burry their enemies when they died so that their soul would rest in peace. After burying the corpse, we continued our journey and hoped that we would not meet anymore things that was scary. We once again collapsed into a big lion after walked for three hours. Its paw was hurt and it pleaded us to heal it and it promised to help us if we are in difficulties. Ying Qi felt pity with it and healed it using her ability. After it was healed, it suddenly changed into a man. He introduced himself and said that he was the Prince Alexander we were finding and he was pleased to hear that we would help him all our mights. He brought us to the castle where Princess Wendy and Princess Viorina lived. The two princess cried in delight when they saw Prince Alexander was safe.

We lived at the castle for a week and thought of the ways to help Prince Alexander gained his kingdom. When we were having our dinner one day, we heard that King Galiano and his people came and surrounded the castle. We were shocked to know that King Galiano wanted to burn the castle down. He had already put logs, oil and dry grass around the castle. After a terrifying shout, he lit the grass and the castle was on fire. We quickly went to get water to put out the fire but the fire did not reduce. Suddenly Ying Qi remember that I could use the ice to put out the fire. So I shot ices towards the fire and it melted into water and quickly put out the water. But after the fire was put out, everything was in a great mess and when we cleaned the castle, Jie Hua suddenly aware that Princess Wendy and Princess Viorina had gone. We searched for them all through the castle but failed to find them. Then Tommy suddenly worked out that Princess Wendy and Princess Viorina were kidnapped by King Galiano when the fire.

So we decided to find them at King Galiano’s palace. We had to wait until nighttime to do this, as there were so many King Galiano’s soldiers outside his palace. When it was dark, Prince Alexander showed us a passage to go out the castle and we quickly went through it. We also found out that the end of the passage is quite near to King Galiano’s palace, which is indeed a good news for us after experiencing so much dangers. We continued our ‘mision’ and suddenly Clement exclaimed, ‘I believe that I know all the passage of this palace. Why, this is my home until King Galiano lead Petronia seven years ago and made my family as poor as church mice.’ He continued, ‘Here, let me show you a perfect place to hide first. After that I think that I should go to find my friend, Ethane who work here, he would know where the two princesses were hidden. So we followed him and went through a secret passage that lead inside the palace. At last we went into a small chamber that Clement said nobody had ever known except him and his best friends. He wanted us to wait there while he went to find out where were the princesses. So we waited there and tried to find out other ways out through the chamber so that we might found it useful at other times but we found nothing. After half an hour, Clement went back and told us something grimly, ‘Princess Wendy and Princess Viorina were now trapped in the room just outside the dungeon and there was quite many soldiers there. I suggest that we climb outside the window until we reached the room because the room is actually above this chamber. But it was quite dangerous task as there were deep river surrounded this palace that anyone who fall into it would not survive. Do you think that you can manage this?’

We looked at each other doubtfully, not really trusting ourselves can climb the windows without falling and we certainly don’t like to risk our live like that. Then, Prince Alexander said, ‘I am afraid that we cannot do it and I don’t want to risk your lives like this. Moreover, I think that there should be other ways to save the princesses.’ ‘Well, it has. But we must go through the dungeons to reach there. I know that there was a passage passing through the dungeons and reached inside the room the princesses were. This is a dangerous way as there might be soldiers guarding the princesses and there was rumours that the dungeons has many monster that would kill anyone they saw.’ Clement replied. ‘No, don’t worry. My sword could protect us from any dangerous monsters. Furthermore we can save the princesses faster and King Galiano would be beaten.’ said Jie Hua. ‘No, don’t do that. The soldiers might heard the noise and capture us when we finished killed the monsters. If it is like that, we would failed to complete our task and never returned to our homes. Prince Alexander, Princess Wendy and Princess Viorina would be punished and Petronia would be lead by King Galiano, a mean king and not by Prince Alexander who would the wisest and just king in Mystic World.’said Tommy. We all fell quiet at the moment Tommy finished talking. The truth he reveal is very much the true and we all realized that we should not act without thinking the consequence so that we would not regret on what we had done.




Juz now i cried..
but actually it wasn't crying
juz tears dropping...
bcoz i help my mum to make some sambal...
and i was given the job to cut onions
and i cut too many red onions..
making my eyes painful
and my tears dropping..
but the sambal we make is so delicious
that i forget it...
nothing to write till i write something boring like this...
And i think i will post my essay--The Key here
so tat u ppl can read it
and help me reduce the mistakes
and it was now in progress...