I'm Back

Yeap...i'm back from one month perfecting training in Miri. Praise the Lord!
It is such an enjoyable life there that i quite end up feeling not willing to leave the training.
Although it's really strict there..
with all the rules and almost consider as tight schedule..
Hmm...our schedule

600--waking up
630--morning revival
745onwards till 900--public cleaning and room cleaning and personal cleaning..
230--bible reading
300--class till 515
730--class till 930
1015--night prayer

It looks quite easy to cope with this timetable, right?I thought so too..at first..but it's nt so easy after all...

1. the public cleaning
we need to do until it is spotless...not a single hair nor a speck of dusk should be seen on the floor and many many small 细节 we need to take care of..after the public cleaning we need to rush up our room to do the room cleaning..and fold our blanket...NOT juz cincai fold..but 豆腐被。Anyone here even know about a 豆腐被 before?Well..it shaped juz like a tofu..and 90 degrees...and it really need patience to fold the blanket but me and my roommate were lucky to have the kind of blanket that is easy to fold...as other sisters said..很容易折成立体....^^

2. exams
i have no probs with the exams here..but i did badly for the exam about prayer..as i dun really put my effort to memorise the points..T_T Been regretting ever since..But thank you Lord for letting me passed with umm..good results in the other 3 exams...haha..i got 97,98 and 94(i can gt better result in this but....) for those...^^ and these exams 让主的话更多做到我里面。

3. love feast
I definitely love the love feast prepared by the saints in Miri...Such niceeeeeeee food and it even make me hungry now juz to think of the food.....Aww.....Make my mouth waters...haha...But dun afraid that i become a pig now...as we need to climb staircase so many time everyday..四楼叻...hmm....i think more than 5 times each day?But i really do become fatter after the training...The food too nice..XP

4. Blending
I guess i sort of know all the sisters after living together for one month..hehe
I missed the time me and my roommate lied on the floor and blend and frequently we are joined with other sisters from other rooms...I think my room--407 is the most joyful room there..大家都很喜欢来我们房间相调。407的姐妹们的感情也是很好很好的。We don't complaint about each other..If we had any problems we would discuss and solve them together..We live in one Body!

Hmm....I really enjoyed the training.
I'd never regret attending the training..
and i learnt lots of hymns there!^^
I can eat and drink and enjoy and experience Christ every single moment there..
Praise the Lord for calling all of us to join the training..
And let us grow in life..and intimate and sweet fellowship with Lord Jesus..

I cant really express wad i want to say...
I'm going to attend the three month training in Sibu two years later...
I really thanks Lord for the training.

That's all for today...=)
May the grace of Lord Jesus Christ be with all of you..