Many things happened these few days...
Things like rumours and whispers behind ur back
Seriously i hate these
Not only the one who is involved in the rumour is hurt
but sometimes the ones around u get affected
So why spread rumours and whisper behind ones back?
i cant understand it..
What are the benefits of it?!
NO at all.

Stop rumours and whispering behind other's back.

I dont mean that i dont gossip at all. im not any saint.
But i will try hard to do so starting from right now.
It really hurts u know to know that someone there to say bad things about u...

Make this world a better one...stop hurting each other.


37 days to SPM!

Trial exam's over for one week :D
And had been wasting one week time at school as we only go school to receive our result and talk. LOL
so im not going to go school on Monday XD

Here's my trial exam's result:

BM 75 A-
BC 84 A
BI 81 A
MM 100 A+
MT 85 A
PHY 81 A
BIO 85 A
SEJ 78 A-
EST 80 A

1A+ 8A 2A-
Average: 83.36%

Im not satisfied with my result yet.
Only one A+ though i dont have any B for the subjects..

I think i can conclude this trial exam with one sentence, that's

I need to do more revision and exercises!

37 days to SPM
I din realise it until yesterday
My reaction was like, OMG!!Im not prepared to face it at all~

Alright time to face the reality X)
Still, wish u all good luck. hehe


Three days more and then the Form 3 students are having their holiday~*envy*