Stupid conversation with a frog. :)

Today, a frog somehow found its way into my house.

When i saw it, it was so bloated and look as if it gonna burst anytime.

Just like the frog below.(maybe they're related. who knows?)

So i was boring that time.

And then i started a one-way conversation with my fellow froggie. :D

I told it: "You are very FAT ler, stupid frog!"

Then it didn't give me any response.

But after i bath, it suddenly shrunk/shrivel/flatten out(any term u like)

The unknown gas inside its body was released!(Farted?)

Anyway it just flatten out and become so small. OMG

Such an amazing sight~~

So thin that i believe it can fly like the frog below. Hehe.

Do i successed in making u feel like "Sweat =.= What a noob post?" ?!!

Haha its my intention to do so :P

Coz its too boring. LOL =X

Off to prepare my presentation for tomorrow. ^^


Start of Form 6 Life.

Since 8 of May, after registering, im now officially a Form 6 student. ;)
Having a long long orientation of 8 days.
Longest i've ever heard of, and probably the most boring one. hehe

Now i really dislike to go form 6, especially when almost all my friends go for college or foundation or A levels.
Why??in my class, no much more friends who are really good with me ady-.-
Dont really prepared to make new friends =S
Becoming a bit 自闭perhaps after a long holiday of almost 5 months...

And a bit annoying is keep got people who ask me whether i apply scholarships...
Alright, i apply matrix last time and i din get it.
I think of UTAR but why i din apply it I dont know!!

Getting pissed by those questions sometimes.
Worse is while when i answered, i have to plaster a smile on my face and say it as sincerely as i can==