It's 22-11-2012

So im on holiday for almost two weeks ady
But only now i update my blog lol
So many things that happened.
Good things, happy ones, touching ones, mad ones, sad ones...
Yeah they all happen together

First there's my sis wedding..
She's officially married now lol
Got a new home to go to and a new responsibility
Im happy for her.
Wish her luck in everything. :)

Second there's the interaction between my cousins and i
Things improved greatly
Before we simply smile and turn our backs
Now we smile and chat and take photos together
Be grateful

Third its my birthday today
Although i din really expect my family to celebrate for me
However my friends remembered it and wish me a happy birthday
So it feels really nice when someone remembers your birthday
Not just see it through facebook and then wish u
Though there are some who are like that
But who cares, at least they are willing to wish me
Happy Birthday to me
Im Officially 18 now. =)

Fourth i keep get in trouble with someone
i dont know what i had done
everything's not right in her eyes
i was scolded for so many times i lost my patience
my mood was really really bad at those times haiz
i dont want it
then my shitty mood made her scold more
keep me in ur good books and i wont pull any long faces
damn damn damn= =

Lastly i really wish i have a peaceful, joyful life
And able to turn to Lord Jesus more
I need Him as my patience so much...

Smile, even when there are difficulties awaiting =)