Stressed out trying to decide my future, yet not really in charge of it.
Yea, so im struggling to finalize my choices for university.
As some probably knows, those applying for local uni need to fill in numerous choices for our application form.
Which is a really headache.

Well, i do have an idea what course i would like to pursue but the main problem now i just cant smack the officials in face by filling all my choices with the same courses and different universities.
Kinda had the vision they will despise me and straight away kick me out of the system and not offering me any course. :(

The closing date for application is 7 April urgh.

Doing what i can while praying for Lord to lead me. :)
That's all i can do.

I really do envy those who can decide what course for themselves.
Perhaps i should repent why i didnt give my best effort in form 6. /_\

Anyway its late and there's rain outside and i shouldnt worry too much. :)
And most importantly i've got work tomorrow morning. @_@
Better put it off for couple hours and get some quality sleep.
Good night world. =D


2014 ;)

Its almost half year since my last update.
Lots of things can happen during this interval.
For which i graduate from my form six and entering a new surrounding-work. :)

Work isn't same as study of course
But i do earn some money $$$ and also get working experiences.
Even though its not much, but it let me knows the patterns and styles of different people.
Out of the coccoon so well protected, the comfort zone im missing once i stepped out.
And i missed the times when i can 38 with friends and say bad words about others together XD
It's not morally good but still its memorable ma.
Now everyone's on different path and hopefully all the best with us.

And may the odds be ever in your favor. 

Hehe coz i just read hunger games few days ago.

Anyway, there's a little changes in my life. ;)
People come and go, they said.
And he came??
Not exactly, he's been there for years LOL

Okay. He's mine. =P

This guy said dun elaborate otherwise he'll shy. (Macam true 酱 tsk tsk)
ps: i dont know why he insist this pic is nice @____@

Alright since he will be shy i shall just stop here.
Goodbye and good night.