Random thoughts...

Its been a while since I'm posting something.
To be honest, I don't update much throughout the years.
Probably once in a blue moon.
I remember the time that I would be writing about my life enthusiastically,  without worries.
I guess its a part of growing up, it adds more thoughts, stress, shield on you.
I hide myself from many, not willing to befriend them with my true self.
Like a hedgehog, safe distance is kept.
They say uni is a miniature society, I couldn't agree more.
Here you get to see all kind of faces, and you need alot of time to know who is your friend, with no benefit they can get from you.
You learn to be yourself.
You learn that not everyone is what you see on the surface.
Sometimes it takes some living together, or the willingness to help you write names during events or sharing knowledge for tests or many more.
You will suddenly realize that one guy in your class is not as noble as you thought.
Or you can realize your patience is not as much as you think.

As you grow up, you need to be careful about what you say.
No one's gonna let you off easily like before.
I used to really like writing.
But what i wrote were mostly stories which i make up.
Not lies, just random stories i fantasize cause i read a lot of novels.
Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, Percy Jackson and more...
Life goes on and one day you just stop imagining these stories in your mind.
Nowadays, all the thing i write are assignments and codes.

Im learning html like finally anyway

One of which i had been interested in since form 4

There's a lot to learn and im ranting or nagging(?) here

Just some random late night thoughts anyway
Gute nacht