Happy Birthday, Chan Xuan(27/7) n Teh-C Ngu(1/8)!!!

Happy birthday sinchan... so pity ur birthday is on Sunday... we can't celebrate for u..As we cannot celebrate it in class, so i decided to help Mdm. Ellen to give u a big kiss~~MUACKSS~~haha :)...n i will just say "Happy Birthday"Be happy always arr... N i oso wan say hapi birthday to teh-c...u must drink yourselves on that day..





妈妈:“你这死孩子,都四十多岁当校长的人了。。。。。。 ‘

Interesting BI period

On Wed during Eng period Our Beloved Madam Ellen teach us to sing...but the song we sing childish one : Baa baa black sheep, Twinkle twinkle little star,ABC...songs we sang when kindergarten..N when we sang ABC two ppl come knock our door their face is so funny to view---they just got nga diao..i rmb tat n vio laugh at them behind the class..

The funniest thing tis week happened...

Tis week a funny week...sometime our class so high but sometime so down. hahaha...friday---me,yeekiong,alex,clement--we dun go back class after recess...we go ponteng(fj say 1) at the staircase, yelling to each other n call ppl we noe there, so hapi playing n dun go back class study...Later we go join michelle ,jiehua n huifang go play lar... we walk till dewan there suddenly jiehua saw tenggiling n start 2 run we all follow him...his sound when saw tenggiling sooo funny hahaha...^^unfortunately tenggiling saw us all running...so scared it come 2 catch us luckily it dun come find us...This muz be most funniest thing this week...haha...


Juz a sort of diary of myself

today we announce our class website...our class monitor so hapi (seem).hahaha...jiehua is coming back.Alex call him all the time in class...make me nearly crazy...but it's nice becoz our class would be more lively again .Congratulations...smk btu, u got a JUARA again...so shuang to go to Kelantan....me also wanna go...i think alex would call jiehua again...when they go 2 Sri Aman the class so quiet... haha. all my fren got soksok n alll there 'huachi'.Only me remain alone, so sad.wuhuhu... All my fren in 2a im sure u all agree 2day is quite bore not for chanxuan n siewwei course...and don't come see my blog too often or u will be disappointed.. bcoz i won't update it every day...juz when i am free...so u know la...n don scod me coz so short.