Awesome physics XD

Today during physics class we learnt about gravitational force.
Then our teacher explained about it, saying that actually all of us have gravitational force acting on us.
The fact that we are attracted by the people around us by gravitational force amused us very much.
Then what happened was that we started to get excited and making jokes about it.

In the future, we should start explaining why we're being attracted to pretty/handsome ppl like this ;)

When we saw a pretty girl or a handsome guy on the road, we'll immediately being pulled towards him or her, as the gravitational force will increase in matter of seconds. ;)
However if we met an undesirable people, one amazing thing happen too. The gravitational force that should be attracting both of us change to impulsive force~~

Physics teacher's love letter should be like this haha

My dear, when i first set my eyes on you, i knew that deep in my heart, that the gravitational force around us is much more higher than others. Therefore, im so attracted to you. Don't believe it? Count it yourself. Gravitational force = GMm/r^2. The figure itself will prove my sincerity!

Getting bad in expressing. ><
More practice!!
If not my MUET surely will get band 3....lol
that's all. zzz